Let's talk MIND & BODY. Our mind and body do NOT function separately from each other. They are intertwined and rely on each other for health and strength. The choices we make of what to eat, how we move, how compassionate and patient we are...are all connected.

Unfortunately, this is something that I think many of us have experienced first hand.  Personally, there have been many times in my life that I felt just awful physically.  I used to suffer from debilitating migraines, fatigue and body aches.  I would jump from doctor to doctor to try to find out what was wrong with me. Not one of them could ever find anything.  I realized that these episodes of "illness" always lined up with my stress levels.   I decided to try a homeopathic route and change my diet and exercise habits.  I started adding in self care routines to help ease my stress response.  The small changes I made in my life made a HUGE difference in my mental and physical health.  

It's all connected. That is why last week's email about Self Care is pretty vital to not only our mental health, but also our physical health. All this probably feels overwhelming...which then stresses you out...which then causes other physical ailments...OK, pause. Let me show you all the benefits of focusing on 3 (ONLY 3) things in our lives. If all 3 are out of wack in your life, then choose 1, just 1. Work on that compassionately and then move on to the next.

benefits of exercise for mind body and overall wellness

benefits of nutrition for mental health

benefits of sleep and the role it plays on your mental health

I feel you. Oh, do I ever feel you! It's a lot to take in. And it can be overwhelming. Please, choose one. Please take baby steps and be compassionate with yourself! Do you see ALL THE BENEFITS??? And do you see the RISKS if you don't choose to take care of you mind and body?

I know it seems like just another thing added to your already insanely busy life/schedule.  There are so many times I fall short in these areas. Just remember.....baby steps and if we fall short it's okay! We can always start again.  Anything is  possible; especially if we do it as a community.  ❤



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