To kick off the month we are focusing on some simple reminders that can help us as we are striving to improve our own mental health and help those around us.  The 3 R's-- RELAXINGRELATING and RELEASING.

relax relate release the 3 rs to help your mental health and help those around you

I believe these are all general goals we have as humans and it gives me a sense of relief just reading those words. I know I NEED more of all of them in my life.

Relax, Relate, and Release ties in perfectly with Mindfulness, something I promote in my life and business.  I want to go a little deeper and be a little more specific about how we can actively implement these three things in our daily lives.

relax your mind and body our minds and bodies are connected and both need to be nurtured for overall wellness

RELAX your mind and body. Do this by creating a retreat or comfort zone in your home.

Some tips include: Leaving devices out of your retreat area and unplugging from social media , the news and all electronics while in your comfort zone.

Check your aesthetic! Decorating your retreat area can be a great way to express yourself while tapping into your brain’s relaxation triggers.

Consider using aromatherapy with candles, incense, or essential oils. Scents like lavender and cinnamon are commonly associated with stress relief and relaxation. Color therapy has a similar effect—a fresh coat of blue, green or grey paint in muted tones helps encourage feelings of well-being.

* Pro Tip* Don't feel like painting? Purchase a painting/picture that soothes you to gaze upon in your retreat area. 

relate to the facts here and now- do not dwell in the past or future live in the now for mental wellness

Relate to only the present facts. When we relate to something we feel connected to it or establish a logical connection. Many times our brains play tricks on us and make us think things that aren't really true. When this happens I suggest you try to RELATE to all that is true and factual in your life. If we focus on the negative thoughts instead of what is truly important in our lives it becomes extremely difficult to live our lives to the fullest. A great way to practice this strategy is to write down what thought is triggering you and then write down at least 3 facts as to why it isn't true or 3 things in your life that are positive.

release all that you can not control- get rid of the head junk
Release all that you cannot control. I would like you to take a moment and consider all the things that cause you emotional distress. Once you have identified what you feel is stressing you out, evaluate if any of these triggers are in your control to change.  If you have no control over it, you should release that worry. I know this is easier said than done so I have a suggestion.  Write down your worry, fears, frustrations and rip it up and throw it away! RELEASE that weight and let it go. 

I hope that you can take one small thing and start practicing it in your life today.  These are all things I need to incorporate a little more into my life as well.  Let's work together.  Can you help me spread awareness and compassion that our world so desperately needs? As we inch closer to finding our own peace we invite others to join us.  Let's try to move an inch this week.




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