Affirmation candles allow you to practice self-care on a daily basis, giving your mind and soul the nourishment you need. In darkness, an affirmation candle burns with a reminder of what's truly important in your life. Burn one at the end of each day for peace of mind and inner peace.

Using affirmation candles can help you refocus on what’s important in life, especially when you find yourself stressed or anxious. By turning to a daily practice of affirmations, you are making a commitment to yourself to make your happiness a priority. 

When you spend time reading or saying your affirmations remember that they are just as much for now as they are for the future. You may not even believe them yet, but by spending time with them regularly, you will start to feel their promise and power. Focus on the affirmation on the candle before lighting it and make sure to read it out loud as you are lighting it. Make sure you believe in what you're saying.

Actually say the words when you are reading them out loud. The more you say them, the better you will get at believing them!

Have a clear mind when reading the words, don't start thinking about anything else or worrying about something else. Just be in the moment and just focus on yourself and those words.

The simple act of lighting a candle is a beautiful ritual that helps us take the focus off our worries and instead remember all the things we have in our lives that bring us joy and peace. By taking just 10 minutes each day for yourself, you can do something good for your mental health.

We believe in the power of affirmation candles. Our candles are affordable and long lasting, they smell fabulous, they help you make a positive statement to yourself, they're fully customizable to your needs. What's not to love? Many people have reported a sense of calmness and happiness after lighting these candles and saying the affirmations that are special to them. We hope these candles help you find joy and happiness too.



I am enough, I am loved, I am worthy affirmation candles for self love